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3 Indisputable Reasons for Branding Yourself Instead of Your Biz

July 31, 2020


#1 – People want to deal with a human, not a faceless company

In my experience, people often want to deal with a person.
Showcasing yourself as a person can be a ‘win’ when working as a solopreneur. Even if you are a bigger company, it’s always a good idea to show human faces behind your brand. Use personal e-mail addresses and direct phone lines on your website contact page. Put up photos of people’s faces and their bios. Add a little quirkiness. It can make your company seem more personable, and less like its trying to ‘hide’ something.

 #2 – Big brands use personalities in their marketing

#4 – Photos of faces convert well with online ads

Ok, this is mostly true with Facebook (since Facebook ads use photos). Marketers have discovered that photos of faces work best when creating Facebook ads.

My brother teaches a successful online Facebook marketing course. He testifies that when doing split tests on his ads, nothing converts better that his profile photo. 

There is something to be said for this. Facebook ads allow for controlled tests. It’s not logos and ‘big brand’ associations that attract the most clicks; it’s people.

Bottom line: 
it’s ok to be a person when marketing your mortgage services.

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